First, please forgive me in advance for any words that are not spelled correctly. I am not a very good speller among other things... thanks!
My husband takes 45mg of Methadone in the AM. He is also prescribed Xanex through another doctor. He is prescribed 3 a day of the Xanex - but I don't know the MG. He says that it is all safe and all ok. I know for a fact that the methadone clinic he goes to says that it is a deadly combination. So, how in the world is he still alive if it is so deadly? There are several times during the month that I notice a significant change in his behaivor. Some very disturbing behaivor at times. I don't know if he is doubling up on one or not taking one or what is going on. I can't pin point what is making the change. The change in behaivor is as follows: zombie like motions with eyes closed most of the day, not being able to function at times, extreme slurred speach, disconnected from any family events that may be going on, avoidance of discussion, ill manner (sometimes can be very violet with his speaking), denial of any "wrong doing" because it's prescribed... it's not wrong in his eyes... but something to change someones behaivor that drastically can't be right.
We used to go to a councelor but when he suggested that my husband go into a treatment program to adventually get off of everything (because of the behaivor) - of course my husband refused to go and now will not go to the councelor. I am at my wits end and I don't know what else to do. We have a small child who would feel the effects of divorce and who I am protecting more so by staying with him instead of divorcing him. I am afraid of what the moodswings and such would cause my husband to do to us if a divorce was put on the table. *Note: He is never physically violet - just emotionally and verbally when (as he puts it) pushed too far. And just to say as well - when SOBER and NOT ON ANYTHING (like he was when we were married) he is the most precious loving sweet man in the world.
Any suggestions?!