Long time no talk. Well here I am trying to type as fast as to not let my husband see. But in the past 3 days, I went from 6 (30mg oxy's) to 4 on Tuesday, to 4 Wed, to 2 today, but I just did the 2 after 26 hours of work and not taking anything but the methadone at 2am (13mg down from 20). I have been taking the methadone but just reduced my mg because I think it was causing me more pain then help... Sounds wierd, I know. I was the one that went from 95 to Zero in 3 years! I know i shouldnt have done those 2 because it was more psychological, and i felt just a littler jiterry, now I feel guilty and hope tomorrow at work isnt a nightmare! What do you think? I am gonna post this too to the group, but wanted your opinion privately cause you and i been going through similar shit, ya know?- Ok now its tomorrow- i only did my 15 mg of methdadone, and am wondering if i should go from the 2 oxys yesterday, down to 1 today? or don't do any... ifeel ok right now, but i know once the 25th hour hits ill start figiting. Shoud I do one tonight and 1/2 tomorrow? This quick taper while on methadone seems to help than just stopping ct.