I went to the ER on Monday, as my glucose had risen from 242 at 5 AM, to 335 at 5 PM to 365 at 6 PM. I had a shaky moment, I am always tired (even tho I work full time), have blurry vision when I do my work on my PC at work & home, muscle aches, headache now & then, lower back ache about every 2 months, and neck discomfort. The PA in the ER gave me 4 baby tablets (ibuprofen), IV fluids, and 500 mg tab of Metformin (2 x day). Although my 'sore' 4 fingers are no longer painful (and I don't bandage them now) I still feel ill; plus this AM, I am urinating about every hour. I do not feel well. What should I do. I feel I should have had insulin assistance--since they told me I am diabetic. ketoacidosis sounds like my condition this AM. I have been reading as I do not feel good after being told I have diabetes. I am 73 years-of-age.