This is my first time taking any medication other then maybe a heavy duty pain reliever for post op surgery I had a year ago. I'm not one for meds, but maybe an Ibuprofen every now and then. I read the side effects of METFORMIN and I am DEATHLY afraid to have any vomiting, diarrhea or stomach cramping. Since I experienced way to much of that feeling while being pregnant with my last 2 children who are now 3 and 5. And just to think of reliving those terrible moments and days again, but over a medication causing this, frankly scares me. And I really don't want to take this med now. Please help if anything else is available to take with less side effects or if I should just give this new medication a try . I am in the medical field and I know the effects of being ill can do to your body and also the repercussions of a non controlled glucose.
Please help ..
thank you:
Angela F.