I went to an endo for the first time to figure out why I was still having hypothyroid symptoms even though my TSH and T4 were good. I'm on levothyroxine 1.25 mg and have been hypo since puberty. It's hereditary. I am also overweight, but have never had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar. The dr immediately dismissed my symptoms since the blood test was ok and prescribed metformin and says he thinks I have signs of metabolic syndrome and the drug will help me lose weight faster. I've lost 7 lbs with fitbit the last few weeks before this. No tests, but he sorta looked at my elbows and said you can kind of see discoloration - a sign of metabolic syndrome. I can't see any discoloration and they aren't dry either. I looked up the condition and it can be caused by plain obesity and hypo, too. He says my extremely dry eyes are probably allergies and stuffiness and he had no answer for why my nails are so brittle. He dismissed my periodic exhaustion and worsening PMS as a side effect of motherhood. He dismissed my goiter as "probably you didn't take your medicine regularly for a while." Which isn't true. My "female" symptoms he says may be pcos (but they also match with hypo.) My periods come every month but the flow (recently) starts and stops noticeably in the middle, often for a whole day or two. I have always had trouble with weight creeping up. I also had diffuse enlarged thyroid from ultrasound but no nodules. I've had low fertility but have had 2 kids in 13 years of marriage with no birth control. When I wrote him a question about my concerns his answer was:" [1] the enlarged thyroid is probaly due to an immune attack on the thyroid which dmaged it, causing the underactive thyroid. [2 the metformin is for the acanthosis nigricans noted on your elbows. There are NO TESTS needed to make the diagnosis because it's a clinical diagnosis, from your exam. Taking this medication is voluntary"
How can I find out WHY if I don't have tests done? I don't want to just take drugs and see if they work. I want to know what my exact condition is. Is he right to dismiss the T3 result which was on the low side of normal? Am I missing something? I thought goingto an endo would give me some answers and some specificity to my lifelong disease but he didn't seem interested in going beyond the basics. I am considering my next move is to go to a gyno with good hormone treatment experience. I am also increasing foods with iodine to see if it has any benefit. Not sure whether or not to try the metformin. I feel good and don't want acute digestive issues. I thought maybe I should try another brand of thyroid med to get better effects. Or maybe I have low progesterone.