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Metformin - Can I get my period all over again if my meds are done and need a refill?

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HeadStarter 8 Oct 2013

Hi there and welcome to DC. Can you give more information please. I am not sure I am understanding your question. Maybe i am missing something here. For instance, what meds are you saying you finished and need to refill? Not sure how it is relating to metformin... or your period.

Brendamero 8 Oct 2013

i finished my metformin on the 3 of this month and my period ended yesterday i just got in to the doctor today and he gave me more metformin. i just want to know if am going to get my period again since i just got done with it. i hope this help. and thank you for answering

HeadStarter 8 Oct 2013

Ok, I think I am misunderstanding because I thought metformin was for type 2 diabetes... so not sure how it was relating to your period. We so, hopefully another from our community will respond to your query.

kaismama 9 Oct 2013

I'm with you on this one. My head is going in circles with what does metformin have to do with your period? I think we need more info.

Brendamero 9 Oct 2013

they use it to treat PCOS

HeadStarter 9 Oct 2013

Ok, I do understand that treatment but it doesn't have any impact on your period. If you have other issues or concerns about how this medication is affecting you... talk with your doctor. It would be inappropriate for me to make quess work out of this. I don't see it having any bearing on your period.

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