I'm currently on metformin 500mg 2xs/day for PCOS, insulin resistance & weight loss. I'm wondering what the best way to take this medication is (ex: hour before a meal, with a meal, etc).
When I started, 500mg 1x/day, my Dr said to take it with a meal -preferably the one with the most fat & said for most people that's dinner. When I started taking it 2xs/day I just assumed I should take that one with a meal also, so I've been taking them with lunch & dinner. I've seen posts on various PCOS sites where others say they take it an hour before a meal or alone at bedtime & they've had great results. As much as I'd LOVE to lose weight my #1 concern is health & the insulin resistance issue. I want to make sure I'm taking both doses properly, at the best times, so that my body gets the maximum benefits from this medication. I'd appreciate any information!