She is a nurse I suppose. The Dr at the clinic quit. Left. There is no Dr there! She called in a prescription for Metformin 500mgs. One pill in the morning with breakfast. And one pill at night with dinner. I have been taking the pills for 2 weeks now. My stomach bloats up about an hour after I take the pill. And my stomach hurts so bad all I can do is hold my stomach and moan. That's how bad it hurt's. I am afraid to take the pills and eat ANYTHING! I don't know whether to keep taking the pills. I do not know what to do at all. My blood sugar is kind of high. 153 before eating. And 157 after eating.I wait 2 hours after eating to check my blood sugar.It hurts so much ( Stomach ) that I keep complaining to my husband and he tells me to quit taking it. Does anyone know if my stomach will ever quit hurting?And on occasion diarrhea. Because this woman seems to be insistant that I take this metformin. 500 mgs. Quite frankly my stomach hurts so bad that I don't even want to take it. I have never had stomach aches this bad unless I had the flue. Or a stomach virus. I had been , or was supposed to keep my blood sugar where it should be with watching carb's. I wasn't doing to good of a job with that. do to extenuating circumstances. My stomach swells up so big I cannot get my clothes on. It is as big as 8 months pregnant. But the hurting is the worst. the pain is so bad I can't hardly stand it. And I am not a sissy about pain. I have had enough surgeries that I know what severe pain is..