I have been taking both since i was 16 im 21 now. All I ever do is gain weight. And believe me I'm running around all summer i gain never loose. Currently at 201 in weight my base line is 195. The only symptom i have ever got was it cause fatty liver disease and I did not have that before the pills. No she is talking about putting me on insulin. I produce too much of it so y would u put me on more. Unlike other i stop the bc and I don't get my periods. Too much testosterone in my system. at this point I'm tired of people telling me its all in my head that I don't have pcos. And that if i loose weight i can get off the pills and fix it. I will be on these pills for the rest of my life. This sucks but what else can i do I have always been a chubby kid and I mean always so if people would stop telling me to loose weight maybe i would not be so stressed. That includes the doctors its not helpful.