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Besides metformin which makes me ill what other type of medication is there for type 2 diabetes?

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kaismama 2 Jul 2013

There are quite a few oral antiglycemics available. Your dr will be able to prescribe one for you.

suzanne66 3 Jul 2013

You may like to read this - scroll down to Medications to treat diabetes.

endlessPred 3 Jul 2013

There is always insulin. It can come in pens which are not refrigerated and very convenient. Medicare pays for it and so does insurance. I use NPH for control and R for fluctuations. If controlled well with diet, you will need little insulin. The needles are extremely thin and little feel for it. A pin price is far worse. I have been using this for eight years and having no problems. I was allergic to the pills. free discount card

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