I am on day 3 now with a pain level of about 4 at the most. I am currently on the Fentanyl patch 50mcg/hr along with Skelaxin 800mg (3x a day) and I am feeling relief. So far this is the best relief I have received from any of the medications. I know the Fentanyl is 'calming' the nerve pain but the Skelaxin seems to be working. That is the only change in medications I have received so SOMETHING IS WORKING! Side effects I get is a little sleepy (well what else is new) and sometimes a little nausea from the Skelaxin (I feel it after I take the meds) but that is the worse of it, so far. I am not ready to jump up and shout, but this is the first time I have been without pain in over 3 months. Hope this helps bring hope to pain sufferers.