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If I messed up on my intake of Percocet and my pain clinic let me go, can I go to another one?

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tonyplake 14 days ago

Hi, Ronda1760, You did not say in any detail about who prescribed your Percocet. We also do not know if your pain clinic told you not to ever come back or anything other than “my pain clinic let me go.”

Ronda1760 14 days ago

Thanks Tony, your answer helped.

Theresa Komes 6 days ago

Yes, if you can find one.

Windchimes123 5 days ago

Hi Rhonda,
Tonyplake described how most pain centers "police" their patients. It's a shame it's gotten to this point when you have to sign contracts, have drug levels checked, etc but its the way it is.
It would be helpful to find out as to how you took more than prescribed and how they dismissed you.
You should be able to be accepted for another pain center eval. You have to be very smart for that first appointment. Don't forget that with electronic charting the info will follow you. The patient's chart is not really the patient chart anymore. It is the doctor being able to write what they feel like with no input (in writing) from the patient.

Ronda1760 5 days ago

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