The Flexeril didn't help so they prescribe me Baclofen and that's not even touching it and I've taken more than prescribed and yes it's just not even help it I've been to the emergency room a couple times and that doesn't help they don't want to give me nothing I've also shots of Toradol it I've had that 4 times the first three times at work but last time it didn't and I'm in excruciating pain now I've had this pain since I've had pain since September but at the excruciating pain started in November and I just I can't take it anymore and nobody seems to want to give me anything to relieve this pain and unless I take my anti flammatory in those muscle relaxers all day and a lot of them by 5 o'clock it starts to feel better and that only lasts until about 11 o'clock at night and I'm also I can't take narcotics so I heard I read that some most of the people say Soma is the best but I guess that's a narcotic now so if anybody can and I don't even know if muscle relaxers is what I need but if anybody can help me I sure appreciate it thank you