Last night (Wednesday) I got my first prescription for the birth control pill and when the doctor and pharmacist asked me when I'm getting my period next, I said not sure (because they're irregular) but probably tomorrow (Thursday) or within the next few days. I know you're meant to start pills on the 1st day of your period but they told me to take the Thursday sugar pill, so I took it this morning even though I didn't have my period.

So basically, I've started on sugar pills without being on my period. I'm confused because I've taken the Thursday sugar pill, tomorrow I'll take the Friday sugar pill, and following that are active pills. I know I'm meant to take 7 sugar pills in a row when starting my period, so if I only have 2 days of sugar pills left (since I started on Thursday), do I start taking Monday's sugar pills after I finish Friday's or do I start taking the active pills on Saturday?

If I start taking Monday's sugar pills on Saturday, the days will be stuffed up, and when it gets to Thursday and Friday there won't be any sugar pills left. Then I'll have to start on the active on the wrong day of the week. What do I do if that's the scenario?

Sorry if this is confusing! Thanks in advance.