I started birth control strictly to help with my periods (I’m not sexually active). My doctor prescribed me (28 day) Mononessa, but didn’t give me ANY instructions on how (what order) to take the pills. I did a bit of research and thought i had the general idea down, but I still managed to screw everything up. First of all, I was not aware of the very specific Sunday you are supposed to start the pills on, so I’m 90% sure i started them on the wrong day. My next mistake was that while i was taking the outer pills i started my period (around the 7th of the month). So, i thought that when you start your period naturally, that’s when you start the placebo/sugar pills in the middle. Me, being an idiot, started the middle pills without finishing the outer pills. When i was done taking the middle pills, i went on to finish the outer pills in the pack until the month was over. i received real instructions when i went on to my second pack and got some real instructions, I panicked a bit at the realization of me taking the first pack completely wrong. Anyway, i started the second pack intending to use it correctly the second time through. As i was taking the outer pills, I got my period (the same time i usually do- around the 7th). So i had a normal 7-8 day period while on the medicated pills. About a week after that period stopped, i completed the outer pills, began taking the placebos, and i got a SECOND PERIOD. Twice as painful and awful as the first. I’m honestly concerned for my health with all the screw-ups I’ve made with these pills. So I’m currently on my second period and not doing well. Anyway! I know I’m an idiot. but If someone can help a sister out it would be greatly appreciated. If this was confusing to you and you would like to help, i am more than happy to answer your questions. Many thanks! :))