I've been taking the off brand of Tri-Cyclen Lo for 3 years now - Tricira Lo 28 to be exact. Besides being human I don't know how I could've messed up SO BAD! I guess I just zoned out & I've also been sleep deprived lately.

I started a new pill pack & instead of starting on the white pills I started with the placebos. I didn't notice until 2 weeks of taking it - so basically I've taken all 7 placebos plus the 3rd week of active pills. Then missed 2 pills the last 2 days. I had unprotected sex last night (May 16th), then this morning is when I realized how bad I f***** up. So I took 2 pills today & plan 2 take tomorrow as instructed on the leaflet so that I'm caught up. Here's where my problem comes in - the start of my last period was May 2 & according to an online ovulation calculator, I'm within my ovulation period.

Despite the fact that I started the pack in the wrong order, I was still taking active pills (but with less hormones) after the placebos for a week with the exception of the 2 missed ones that I took this morning. Still, what are the chances of becoming pregnant?