Hello all,

I started using oral contraceptives for the first time on Tuesday, 22/09/15 (so four days ago) and I'm stressing out a little bit about it. I started my period on the 22/09/15 too, so I started my tablets on the first day of menstrual bleeding. I'm confused and scared and disappointed in myself and I really need your help.

I'm using Micronelle 30 ED and it's a 28 day packet. There is the green zone, which are the 21 active pills, and there is the red zone, which are the 7 inactive pills.

Like I said, I started my period late Tuesday and I went to get my pills on Tuesday morning. My doctor told me to start on the first Tuesday active pill, and I was like 'okay, that makes sense'. But then I went to pick up my prescription and the pharmacist explained that I have to start on the Tuesday in the red zone because of my period, which is where the inactive tablets are. That made sense in theory too, but I was a bit confused because I had two conflicting instructions from two medical professionals. Also I thought, "isn't it useless to take a sugar pill on the first day of your period?"

So anyway, I went home, and my period started at 8:00pm, so I decided that I would start taking my pill at 8:30pm every day. I was confused about where to start because I had been told two things, so I decided to read the instructions that came with the pills. Those instructions supported the pharmacist's instructions.

This is what the instructions from the pills say:

(1) HOW TO START THIS MEDICINE: Start with a tablet from the red zone marked with that day of week. Depending on the day of the week, this may be a yellow (active) tablet or a white placebo (inactive) tablet.

(2) WHEN NO HORMONAL CONTRACEPTION HAS BEEN USED IN THE PAST MONTH: Start on the first day of your period (i.e. the first day of menstrual bleeding). Take a tablet from the red zone marked with that day of the week. For example, if your period starts on a Wednesday, then take a tablet marked Wednesday. Then follow the days in order. You must also use an additional barrier method of contraception for the first 14 days of tablet taking.

I was really scared about it because I didn't know what to do, but I started taking my pills from the red zone. I took the Tuesday pill from the red zone and I have been following it around every day, on time, no more than 20 seconds late.

So after this long rant comes my question: HAVE I DONE IT WRONG?

I feel really stupid, and I'm pretty sure I've messed it up. My period is very light today and it is about to stop. Tonight I am to take my first active pill from the red zone.

(a) What is going to happen?
(b) Am I going to upset my period?
(c) Am I going to upset my body?
(d) Can I continue this way, despite my error?
(e) How long will it take before I am protected?
(f) Will my period (that is stopping) start again and/or keep going because I am starting an active pill at the end of my bleeding?
(e) Is it dangerous to do it the way that I have done it?
(f) Should I just stop before I take any active pills and wait for my next period?

I need help, ASAP! If only to calm my nerves! And please, I'd appreciate it if nobody lectured me about how I should have clarified it further with the doctor and the pharmacist. That would make me feel worse. I've made a mistake, that is all.

Thanks for your help guys! :-)