I had back surgery (lumbar microdiscectomy) about 15 years ago. I was pain free for about 10 years. Unfortunately, for the past five years, I have been struggling with intense back pain again. I eventually had a morphine pump implanted for the pain, but it stopped working. My pain doctor changed the medication to Dilaudid. Still no help. I remember getting a shot of Demerol once at my primary care doctor's office when my back pain was unbearable and I couldn't get in to my pain doctor. It stopped the pain immediately, and I was a normal human being for about 3-4 hours... NO pain whatsoever. I am going to see my pain doctor tomorrow to refill my pump (still in my body even though it's not working very well), and I'm going to see if he could prescribe IV Demerol for occasional use when my pain is horrible. Is it possible to stay on Demerol for a long time? Is it any worse than having a pump implanted supposedly giving me constant relief for my back pain? I feel like I'm asking too much because I know how bad these pain medications are, but I want to be able to live my life and not just exist. I need pain relief!!!