I am a 55 yo male diagnosed with neuropathic Meralgia Paraesthetica (MP) 2 years after symptoms first appeared. I also have lumbar DDD, spinal and facet stenosis, all diagnosed 3 years ago. For all of aforementioned I am taking one 30mg Oxycontin twice daily and a 600 mg gabapentin 3x daily. I recently switched back to gabapentin from Gralise because the Gralise didn't manage the symptoms as well as gabapentin. I am now beginning to experience significant short term memory loss which is supposedly a gabapentin side effect. My GP has prescribed Mentanx with the idea being over time the Mentanx may allow for a reduction in the gabapentin. Has anyone else had short term memory loss in taking gabapentin or have any experience in taking Mentanx? Thanks... john
PS... thanks already to everyone on this forum... reading through the posts/threads has already been quite helpful.