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What is the mental and othr difference between aderall xr capsule and a adderall tablet both 30mg?

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Factfinder411 7 Sep 2013

Adderall er gradually releases the meds over a 12 hour period.
Adderall ir starts working within 30 to 45 mins and only lasts 4-6 house.

K-Lab 8 Sep 2013

The XR capsules are filled with little beads meant to dissolve into your system at a certain time. Since we're talking 30mg XR, anywhere from 15-20mg of Adderall will be released at first, just like taking an instant release pill, then about 6 hours later the second "punch" of the pill will come releasing the remaining 10-15mg left. I have heard XR's are split in half, half your pill at first, then 6 hours later the other half, but I asked my doc about them and he said it's a little more lopsided to the first initial release, so you might be absorbing more at first.

The IR, or instant release tablets are just that, they work pretty fast, but also don't stay working for that long. Most people that work 8 hour days can get away with only an IR pill, while others that work longer hours usually need the XR, well depending on dosage. I personally enjoy the XR's a lot better because you don't get the "high" some people experience with the IR pills, unless you alter the XR's then they become IR's and that's just dumb. IR's are nice in that you can choose when to take your second dose if you're prescribed two a day, or to even take it at all. With the XR's you're pretty much stuck knowing you'll be awake for awhile. IR's allow you to choose. And now I don't know which I prefer, I just talked myself into a weird scenario. Anyway, XR's= 1 initial dose (usually half up to 10 mg more) then 6 hours later 2nd dose (what is remaining from first dose), duration: 10-12 hours. IR's= 1 initial dose (all mg at once), duration: 4-6 hours. free discount card

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