I have been taking ritilan for almost 10 years and have suffers long term side affects such as depression anxiety and possibly mild schizophrenia
I have recently stopped taking ritilan because of the side affects but the affects I ritilan had become a way of life so with out it the world seems crazy and I often get visual distortions and anxiety attacks
But when I'm on the ritilan I can hear my self very clearly and can hear other things to
Because I have a lot of built up anger some how my brain created another conscience called Jonathan and I can talk to him and from what I have found out he is a psychopath and seems to resemble the tv character dexter
Normally it dosent bother me I know he's not real and he dose not persuade me to do any thing but some times when I talk to him my eye and neck twitches
I'm only 15 and am quite afraid he may some how take control
So any input would help