I have been taking Xanax and other benzos off and on for 20+years and there have been occasions when I have taken 5,6 even 10 mg at once for a week or so I even took 30 mg of Xanax and had to go to the hospital but I was aware of everything and awake with iv in my arm. I have a super high tolerance for benzos. In the last year I have been doing some research on benzos and some testing said you can get Alzheimer's and dementia from benzos then there are tests that say you can't get no such effects from benzos.now I'm so scared that I'm going to get one of these diseases. I haven't really forgotten anything I have had some minor memory issues in the past. But sometimes I will look at something or someone that's familiar and it's like its/they are unfamiliar. I have been told it is dissociative disorder but I'm super super scary nervous and anxious all the time. Even words look weird sometimes. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with a severe panic disorder agoraphobia OCD tendencies. What is wrong with me???
My name is James