Okay, so I have this issue where I come up with these bizarre accusations and scenarios in my head, and I panic think about them so much that I don't sleep for days, and I believe these things that are far from reality. It's to the point where I can't tell what is real and what I'm imagining anymore.

From things like my girlfriend is cheating on me to explaining a story I clearly remember from my childhood and can picture and imagine, but it never actually happened. I truly think things happened to me and have clear memories, but when I bring them up, I come to find it was just me creating memories and scenarios again.

I don't have a clear sense of reality. I can't always tell what thoughts and worries are realistic or if an experience I think I had is real or imagined. And it has improved over the years, but it always comes back. Is this something mentally wrong with me?? Or is it just a habit of dramatizing things too much that i need to work on??