I AM 26 AND HAVE NO MENSTRMENSTRUAL PERIOD... and i did the the depo birth control shot 3 times because my period was irregular and I would get really bad cramps. My doctor perscriped me the depo shot once every 4 months so I wouldn't get my period for 3 months ... 4th month I wouldn't get it.. and I would get my period then start again. While I was on the shot the first time I was spotting he said that was normal... but everytime I did the shot I blead more each time.. the last time I did it.. I bleed majority of the time I bleed for almost 2 months straight .. sometimes heavy.. sometimes spotting so I stopped it.. I haven't received the depot in about 5 months... and when I was supposed to go back for the refill I didn't because the depo was supposed to stop my bleeding and it was doing the opposite... now I haven't had my period now in almost 4 months.. and I recently started getting cramps like I was getting it... started bleeding for a half of day... and now it is gone... I am bloated like I have it but I don't have it... and normally when I get my period.. my beasts swell up and get tender... that did not happen... they had me start my the first sunday after my period.. i started it on the 5th of whatever month it was and when ever i got it it was on the 5third of the minth i needed to do it. what is going on? Can someone please help? Any answers? Please help... I am getting mood swings and PMSing like crazy... I used to never really pms.. believe it or not I used to be kind of in a better mood when I was supposed to pms.. and would only pms for like a day.. if that. Also I used to get my period between the last week on the month or 1st week of the month. And no I am not pregnant.