This may be too personal for some, but i have many questions. I am hoping there are at least *some* possible answers. Can a yeast infection cause pain during intercourse? Even if there are no symptoms of a yeast infection? I went to the gyno a few months back and my pap came back abnormal, but he said he saw yeast while doing the pap and that was more than likely what it was. Gave me fluconazole and told me to eat yogurt. I did that- the reason why i went to the gyno in the first place was i went for a uti was given antibiotics which gave me what i and the doctor was assuming a yeast infection. I have had no problems since. THEN my husband and i try to concieve and my menstral cycle went crazy. i have always been regular until we started trying, now my cycle has been on the 15th, 13th, 10th, then the 3rd last month. I had to be on antibiotics for a week (zpack) for a bad tooth and i have had no symptoms, until all of a sudden i experienced painful intercourse. I called the same doc. and he called in another round of fluconazole. i had the first pill 2 days ago and still have pain during intercourse. I dont understand what this could be, i have no other symptoms. I have looked up vaginitis, low estrogen levels because i havent been able to get pregnant. Also i do not experience vaginal discharge, not even the so called healthy kind EVER. I am in my early 30's. I have never taken birth control. please does anyone have any idea what is going on?? thanks!