... for 3 years now. In 2015 I bleed constantly from June until after Thanksgiving. No anemia.

Started bleeding again Christmas eve and continued to until February 1 of 2016, when my insurance finally kicked in and I saw an ob. Was put on Necon (birth control) until break through bleeding happened three weeks later.

Currently on day 14 of this bleeding cycle, heavy heavy heavy. Clotting around tampons, clots heavy enough to dislodge soft cup, in the bathroom every 30-45 minutes with massive clean up to be had.

Started Lysteda (sp?), having significant spinal pain, headache, nausea, cotton mouth. No noticeable difference in consistency of blood loss. Aside from tackier feeling when dosage is taken closer than six hours apart.

Feeling super discouraged, my sister is trying to convince me I'm creating this problem myself. I guess I'm looking for support ... guidance?

Has anyone tried using depends? Is there something else I can try?