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Does Menoquil really work for menapausal conditions?

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kaismama 14 Aug 2014

There are herbal pills that do help. I think before I'd try that, since its very expensive, I'd try something like black cohosh, that costs about 10 and you can get it almost anywhere.

sarhelman 20 Nov 2016

I have tried prescription medications (left me feeling foggy and slow) and did not impact my hot flashes or insomnia and various herbal and non-rx remedies. Most herbals help for a limited time. Black Kohosh and macca have not helped at all. Amberen did noththing for me. Estroven has a slight impact after approximately 4 weeks but its effects help for about 4 months and then taper off. I have found that switching to a different type of Estroven is helpful. But, then again for a limited time and it is expensive - even with the coupons that I have found on the website and in coupon circulars.

I recommend trying various herbals until you find what helps then adding one as you taper off the previous. This strategy takes planning and puts you into a continual search mode but the relief and the education can't have a downside!

I am searching for organizations who will actually research real solutions! I always feel that the patronizing answers of 1-stop smoking (how many of us still smoke?), 2-exercise (I am a gym aficionado and it doesn't help me!), 3-either soy or no soy, 4-loose weight (this is part of the problem although after loosing 15 pounds I have had an increase in symptoms!) are from people who have no experience with these life altering symptoms.

If Menoquil works for a few months who is to say that reprieve doesn't matter? free discount card

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