Hi, I just turned 51 and went to see a doctor for a blood test (for menopause) afew months earlier. The test says my estrogen is at 54 and my FSH is elevated, but I don't remember what he said about it. I've been using Micronor for birth control but he says I don't need it, because there is "no way" I can get pregnant any more.

I've been having very mild hot flashes for about a year, and no periods as I take Micronor daily with no breaks. I suspect the Micronor masked the hot flashes, as they were/are extremely mild.

Anyway, the doctor wouldn't renew my birth control as he felt that I don't need it. But I always thought that estrogen levels should be around 30-32 before menopause was guaranteed. Do you think I'm safe now, or do you think I need a second opinion?

I'd hate for him to be wrong and I end up pregnant at this point in my life. (My personal feeling is that I need another opinion, and soon, as I only have about 3 weeks left in my old prescription.)