I suffer from this Ménière's Disease on daily... basis. My ENT said that most medicines does not work at all. I really do not what to do? This has been going on for few years. I have been to different doctors. They are not much of help. Any helpful information are appreciated thank you.

The specific symptoms that I went through varies. It depends on what time of the day or what is the weather out there.

I am deaf, I use sign language as mode of communication. What I hear strange noises such as scratching on chalkboard that will last for several days sometimes to 2 weeks. Sometimes, I will hear it sounds like atomic bomb inside of head or gorilla or lion roaring right next to my head. Some days I hear high pitched bird shrill voice that are so loud well enough that could break the glass. Many more.

Not just only symptoms I am hearing. But it does affect my perception, I am seeing white stars, white blinking, grey spots. Sometimes I feel so nauseous that I could not want to watch food TV commercials.

I live in LA where there are earthquakes. But with my mind when I feel earthquake, I felt dizzy, I thought it was real but actually it is not. But one day it is ACTUALLY earthquake that hit in LA area, then it made me very sick. I have balance disorder.

Some days that it gotten so bad that I couldn't get up. I would lay down on couch all day, staring at the wall, do nothing.

I complained to doctor many many times. I gave up on complaining to doctor because he said there is not much he can do. Then what is the point of complaining in the first place? So I gave it up. It is destroying my lifestyle in a way. I don't go out often to meet people because of dizzy disorder.

All I can do live simple, do one day at a time. This is the best I can do even though I do not like the all of varying symptoms of Ménière's Disease I have to put up with for last few years.

Thank you.