I've never had the greatest memory, partially due to football and countless bare-knuckle blows to the head during MMA. But after starting concerta about 5 months ago I only remember fragments of each day, and I can't Place the times of events anymore; like I don't know which summer I went to Europe for example, or what year my cat died. I also sometimes feel really disoriented during school or even just at home although this is rare, I'll just forget where I am or what time it is and who's around me it's like I have just woken up. Also 5 times in the last two weeks I have waken up to a very faint orchestra, like orchestra music, specifically the violin and tuba, however I only hear this music immediately upon waking. It is very loud and has a unique melody each time. I've also noticed a developing lack of empathy, things don't effect me very much if at all anymore. Anyone else experiencing stuff like this?