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Should melatonin be given to children? Risks?

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Nunwithgun 8 Jan 2017

Melatonin is a very safe drug. It just hasn't been studied much in children. One side effect it may have is hyperactivity. But a bit of history would be benifical. Age? Tried other meds like benadryl? Other medical history's?
I've personally never heard of any serious side effects of melatonin. Short term it can be beneficial in adults. But if you want to try it, start with the lowest dose. .5mg at dinner NOT at bedtime. See how your child reacts. Report back. Good luck.

858961 8 Jan 2017

Thanks. 7 and 3. Short term or long term use?

Nunwithgun 8 Jan 2017

This treatment is a "band aid fix". Try the .5mg at dinner, set kids to bed at a decent time, NO electronics. The goal is to adjust their internal circadian biological clocks. Melatonin is one hormone responsible for our body's daily cycle. It is released at nighttime to prepare for sleep. By chemically flooding your children's brains with melatonin we could try adjusting night time habits. Keep in mind .5 mg is still WAY more then what biologically occurs in the brain. In this case, more is not better. Its more important on timing. At dinner, it generally starts getting dark outside, the brain releases Melatonin. That's when we should dose. Once you see improvements, stop. Give a multivitamin and tell them its still the same pill just looks different (Placebo effect). If your going to increase dosage (even though I don't think you should) NO MORE then 1mg for 3year old and NO MORE then 5mg for 7year old. It can cause a sour stomach.

858961 8 Jan 2017

Thanks again. But should be used in a short term manner right?

Nunwithgun 8 Jan 2017

Yes. Short term manner. Once you feel comfortable about the set night time routine take them off the Melatonin. free discount card

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