The mother of my grandson 7 yrs old, gives him two 5mg disolving tablets 20 min before bed & she gives my granddaughter one 5mg disolving tablet 20 min before bed. When she sends the kids for visitations to my son's house, she sends no Melatonin. The first night at my son's, the kids act crazy at bedtime. The 7 yr old gets hysterical, screams and hides under furniture to not go to bed. It's like he can't control his behavior. The 4 yr old goes to bed, but gets up 3-4 times thru the night having nightmares. The more nights they stay at my sons or my house, the more normal behavior they seem to have. They act like they are going thru withdrawls that first night. I don't know what to do. Please give me suggestions. Thank you! Cindy