i want to start taking melatonin but im on 2mg of clonazapam at bed and 1 mg during the day for anxity iv had my whole life im 39 i started the clonazapam when i was 3 ..I got 2 other problums one is i got addicted to oxycodones my dr percribed for leg pain i am now off oxycodones and been on soboxone for almost 4 months with not a thought of useing at all i go to group and take less then percribed because i was on two 8/2mg strips a day it made me sick so im now percribed one 8/2mg strip a day but fold it in 3s and only take 2/3rds i take it between 1-3pm my question is do you think its safe because i dont sleep well even with the 2mg at bed of clonazapam can i saftely add a 3 mg melatonin to help eventually i want to just take the melatonin and stop taking the clonazapam and only take stuff thats natural obvousely after im off the soboxone witch i talked to the counclers about today next drs visit is in a month but is it safe for me to take melatonin with the clonazapam i just cant sleep well and end up taking my clonazapam at 10pm then dont get to sleep intill 1-2 am so then im tired and grumpy witch isent good please help just let me know if its safe to take the melatonin thanks again