I am 23 and was diagnosed with complex atypical hyperplasia and my doctor prescribed taking 40mg Megestrol twice a day for 2 months, than I will get the hysteroscopy/biopsy to see it is working. I have searched all over the internet to see if this drug is used to treat hyperplasia but the only reviews I found is this site.
I just starting taking it this morning and I have a few questions:
1. If I take the first 40mg at 11 in the morning, should I take the second one at 11 in the evening and if so, should I take it the exact same time everyday?
The reason I am asking is that I am obese and trying to lose weight because I had hyperglycemia which I have under control now (I am down at 84 fasting from 228 fasting) and I have been losing weight and want to keep like that especially after I read all the reviews and information about the drug that it does lead to gaining weight so I do need to know what time should I take the it in the morning and in the evening as well because I need to stick with my eating schedule.

2. How long does it need for the side effects to be revealed? Does it cause heavy bleeding for all who have endometrial hyperplasia or just some? I have got to get back to working and normal life and just want to be aware of how many tampons I need to keep in my purse in case something goes wrong lol.

Thank you :)