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Are there any meds you can take to pass a bladder stone 1/4 inch size?

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kaismama 17 Jul 2014

Oh no. That's got to hurt. Flomax might help, it relaxes the muscles from your bladder. Most often I've seen drs do cystos and go up and take it out with a thing that looks like a little basket.

Smiley22 17 Jul 2014

funny thing I have no pain at all went away 3 weeks ago. the day after the pain stopped I had a ultra sound and showed the 1/4 inch stone. Am on prednisone for 8 months now and I don't want anesthesia right now. Hoping it will just pass as it is small. am just scared to have it done.

kaismama 17 Jul 2014

Actually a cysto isn't that bad. You get sedation, you're not wide awake for it. I've assisted on several to get stones, I'm fascinated by things like that, lol... anyway, if the stone is a little too big for the tool they use, they have another one that crushes the stone up. Then they can grab the pieces. That is unless they've now got a laser to blast it, lolol. Bladder stones can hang around for a while, without causing a problem, unless they are rough and injure the bladder lining. I once was scrubbed on a case where the surgeon removed one the size of a baseball. This was years ago. He said the person had had it for years.

Smiley22 18 Jul 2014

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