I am currently on Victoza, Metformin (2000 mg a day), glucaphoge & glipazide. My A1C was 7.9 as of 2 days ago. My doctor wants me to try to get my numbers down by the time I go back to see him, if not he is going to take me off the glipazide and try me on the Invokana, he said it is expensive and no generic brands. I have insurance through Escripts that pays 500.00 and something and I pay 140.00 for a 3 month supply, which is what I pay for my victoza pen, for a 3 months supply also. I didn't think to ask my doctor if glipazide would be the ONLY medicine that he would take me off of. I don't want to pay ANOTHER 140.00 every 3 months along with the other meds! From the reviews it looks like you still need to take the metformin and the glucaphoge, wonder if I would still need the victoza pen?