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What meds are good for spasm/ inflamed muscle?

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MacIntosh12 10 Mar 2013

Hi joelanna,
Ibuprofen and rest would be a good idea. But there are many muscle relaxers that your doctor can prescribe, such as Zanaflex, Flexeril, Skelaxin and Soma.
Best wishes,

Inactive 12 Mar 2013

Hello, Joelanna, First, I would like to tell you I love your name. It's a good one. Macintosh mentioned a few. I used to take Soma, and it worked great, due to having really bad spasm's up and down my back. Before we moved, about five years ago, I had no problem getting it from my Pain Dr. But where we moved to, I have been to three Pain Management places, before I found a good one. But none of them, including my current one, would prescribe it to me. :(. Everyone reacts differently to medication, but for me, Robaxin, Zanaflex, and Flexeril all work great. If ou can handle grogginess, at first, Zanaflex is good. But all three I mentioned, work very well, in my opinion. But also the ones Macintosh mentioned too. I hope you fnd one that works well for you, as spasms can be horrible. Many Blessings, Ruthie free discount card

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