Main thing I'm looking for is the best times to take these meds? Only one I am pretty set with is my Ritalin for ADD... all others are up for grabs on time slots...

Here is my carefully calibrated cocktail for High BP, High Cholesterol & ADD:

1) 2 x 100 MG - Metoprolol Tartrate (7 am)

2) 1 x 20 MG - Pravastatin (7 am)

3) 1 x 20 MG - Lisinopril (7 am)

4) 1.5 x 75 MG (or 112.5 MG) - Venaflaxine (7 am)
(weening off this 1/4 a tablet a week started at 3 - 75 MG tabs and 1/2 way thru)

5) 4 x 5 MG - Methylphenidate (Ritalin) ( 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm & 4 pm)

I have been taking everything at 7 am (except for my carefully planned out Ritalin) but pharmacist said it was best to take at least one of the meds at night and now I don't remember which one she said??? After reading individual suggestions for each med I'm more confused than ever. Sounds like the combination that I am taking is pretty important in determining timing.

I am getting off Venaflaxine which has basically numbed my emotions the last 10 years but feels like I am being electrocuted if I am even the slightest bit late taking it. I have missed a dose once and wondered why I was on a visit to space camp all day.

OK class... pencils down... what is the verdict?