My new doc changed all my meds. I was on xanax as needed took 1/2 of 0.5mgs every morning for anxiety, Trazadone 25mg for sleep. Trazadone was upped to 75 mg but still do not help with nocturnal anxiety/nite terrors and left me a dazed zombie the next day. Ativan 1mg pm's. The Benzos worked very well but felt it was not a good path to go down. So now I am on day 5 of Elavil generic 10 mg and Guanfacine generic 1 mg 1 x a night plus Buspar generic 5mg 2x a day. I am med sensitive so have been taking everything low dose. The Elavil is for sleep & depression, the Guan for PTSD nite terrors and the Buspar for anxiety. Side effects are drowsy, fatigue, slight dizzy, dry mouth, no apitite, but very hungry late night, light sensitive, still depressed with low level anxiety. Do not like taking a BP med when I do not have high blood pressure, but hate the nocturnal anxiety & it is starting to help that. Anyone had experience with these meds or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. janie