Back on Oct.4, 2013, I had an outpatient surgery (Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Curettage) Because I was having a very long period (3.5 months long) Completely unusal for myself, I have had normal periods (28 day cycle, 7 days long) since I can remember and out of no where it wouldn't stop... They found 3 ploybs cyst things... The surgery was successful! However, I went on to have normal period from Nov. 2013 - Jan. 2014. in Feb 2014 I decided to get (1- Depo-Shot, 12 weeks of BC) since I was going to be moving out of state closer to my man and new job. Well... In March 2014 I had a period for 3 weeks (I thought this might be because I recieved the shot the day before my next period instead of the first day after it) since April 2014 - Sept 2014 I have had no period (obviously way past them 12 weeks). The new OBGYN told me first I needed to lose weight like 30-40lbs cause the Depo Shot gave me weight gain bad!!! I am a size 16/18 SUPER FAT, not my normal size 8/10!!! (TEARS) But She also put me on MEDRXYPROGESTERONE 10 Mg, for 10 days. Back on 09/16/2014, It has been about a month and I still haven't had a period and I haven't had sex just to be sure. My question is if I lose this weight and my period comes back to normal, will I be able to concieve?
-Jasmine (age 28)