My Dr. prescribed Medroxyprogesterone to "reset" my cycle. I've been off birth control for almost a year, and have had irregular cycles since, and (probably) not ovulating. He said to take it on days 1-10 of each month (for ease of keeping track). I put it off for a couple months because of the holidays, I did not want to deal with surprise side effects when so much was going on. Now I'm ready to try it, but I started my period today (March 1st) and it's Saturday so I can't reach anyone to find out if it's ok to take this now. Can I start Provera on day 1 of my period? Will it stop my period, and restart after I stop the 10 days of Provera? Just wondering what to expect. I'm finally starting to feel ok (less hormonal roller coaster) since coming off birth control, and I'm a little concerned that this will bring back those terrible symptoms (irritability, bloating, acne, fatigue, mental fog, etc). However, my husband and I would like to get pregnant this year, if possible.