I just got perscribed this, 10mg for 10 days to help regulate me period, since i havent been regular every since i started having my period. i currently havent started bleeding for 10 months. i've been with my partner for almost a year now, and i have a couple questions regarding this medication. When is it safe for me to start having unprotected sex? while takeing this medication.
I am a ciggarette smoker and it says not to smoke, because it can cause blood clots? so what am i supposed to do? I dont smoke a lot so i don't think i should be worried. as i am trying to quit. but This medicine confuses me. When am i supposed to start having my period? some people say, after the last dosage they have had periods 3-7 days, some say 2 weeks after. Is it safe for me to smoke while taking this. I don't wish to have harmfull effects while taking this. and also, my partner and i are looking forward to having kids, but i need to regulate myself first. So is it possible for me to get pregnant after i stop taking this? after i get my first period? or should i talk to my OBGYN first?