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What medicines work best for long time fibromyalgia sufferers?

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kaismama 1 Mar 2013

Its different for everyone. I take gabapentin, effexor and tramadol.

Mrs.Ousley 1 Mar 2013

So do I. Gabapentin and Tramadol. But it only helps a little. I was taking one 300mg Gabapentin three times a day, now I have to take two Gabapentin three times a day, and two Tramadol (50mg) three times a day.

kaismama 1 Mar 2013

Have you ever tried tramadolxr? It works better then the others. I had to s stop it because insurance won't cover it. You can go up to 400 mg a day too.

Inactive 1 Mar 2013

Hello Mrs Ousley. I have a niece who has suffered for much off her lifetime from Fibromyalgia. Some years ago, began taking Gabapentin and is progressing favourably. Regards pledge

sara12345 1 Mar 2013

I've found that Trazodone has helped me greatly. I couldn't tolerate the higher dose when I first started, but gradually kept increasing it to the max. But even on the lower doses I noticed significant differences with my fibromyalgia. When I reduced the dose some over a year ago I had far worse pain. Even when I did raise the dose back up, it took months for the pain to subside. I tried a bunch of the other meds which I had either bad reactions to or they didn't work, but everyone is different and it may not work for you.

auntniknik 2 Mar 2013

40 years of trying different things! I have found Nuvigil to work wonders for fatigue! I was actually treated for Narcolepsy. I have hardly had a day with fatigue. Before I could hardly feed myself. There are so man thing that go along with Fibromyalgia that the medicines in on now would not wok for you. Try talking the least pain medicine for as long as you can, especially if you are young, below 35! Some medications for depression have helped others, but the have an opposite affect on me!

sara12345 2 Mar 2013

In addition to my Trazodone, I also take Effexor, now the later version Pristiq. Anti-depressants like the Effexor have pain killer properties as well. I switched to Pristiq to get back a sex drive.

Inactive 3 Mar 2013

I find Effexor works well for me. free discount card

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