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What medicines are used for neuropathic pain?

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coloresue 31 Jan 2015

Also trileptal, gabapentin/neurontin, soma/Carisoprodol, and more.

pamee 31 Jan 2015

Soma is a seditive, I suppose it would help sleep through the pain.

coloresue 31 Jan 2015

"Soma is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain." From:
Yep. That's why I mentioned it.

DrDavidB 31 Jan 2015

Neurontin, or the Generic version, Gabapentin, seems to work very well with the neuropathic pain I have in my knees.

It's the best medicine I have found that does me any good.

Other medications have been suggested, and those could very well in addition to the Gabapentin. Bu I have found that I really don't need them, as the Gabapentin seems to work alone.

DrDavidB 31 Jan 2015

I meant to say "works" very well.

pamee 31 Jan 2015

Some suppliments are good for neuropathy as well. Vit B-1 B-6 B-12 and also Alpha Lipoic acid. The FDA is finally doing research on Lipoic acid and is finding it does help along with gabapentin or lyrica. I rather have gabapentin as it's cheaper and seems to have less side effects than lyrica.

balbanese 2 Feb 2015

Neurontin is the most common. Not many are prescribing SOMA anymore due to the high abuse level. free discount card

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