My eldest son spoke one sentence,which has created disturbence for me resulting disturbence also in all the family.As a father it is immposible for me to tolerate to hear any remark from my child whom I have brought up.I am a senior citizen.To hear any thing unpleasent from children is unbearrable for me.
Everything is fine in my life,but when such like incident happens,like this sentence as narrated above is not cleared from my mind and brain, even inspite of my wishs,even when my son has realised his mistake and said sorry for the incident.
I came from india to kuwait here along with my wife.Every thing was fine and now I am in tension due to above situation and want to go back to india even after only 10 days of stay here.My wife adjusts with the both sons,but my behavior does not allow me to adjust.
in the above situation,I do want to remain alone and even return to india alone,and in India also I will be in tension.
What to do?
Kindly help.
Kindly help what to do.