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Is,there any medicine to stop tinnitus?

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BeCarefulYall 20 Nov 2017

No. There's no medication that will stop it. Ignore the ads that promise it can be stopped.

InquiringMindz 21 Nov 2017

After conversations with out ENT doctor, and being told that tinnitus incurable and something you have to live with, we researched on the internet to try to find something to treat it to help make it more tolerable.

My husband bought a few of those "white noise" CDs to help him to be able to go to sleep.(Sounds of waves in the ocean, light rain falling, etc,).

We ordered a natural supplement to try to curb the effects of tinnitus. It is a form of Gingko Biloba called "Tebonin", which we ordered from a man in Germany, because this particular product is supposed to be the best one for treating tinnitus. It is quite expensive.

Next, we will try "Ginkgold" by a company called Nature's Way, here in the U.S.

We tried the "Lipoflavonoid" product that is often advertised on TV, but after my husband went through 4 boxes of it with no relief, I would certainly not recommend that product.

Haven't taken the Tebonin long enough yet to see improvement. Will keep posting...

InquiringMindz 21 Nov 2017

Our ENT doctor told us there is a doctor in Atlanta who treats people with tinnitus and claims to cure people. The catch is you have to pay cash up front and it is very expensive. Our ENT told us that a couple of his patients went to him and have had great success, and claim that their tinnitus is completely gone. Personally, I am skeptical of hypnotherapy. Since you have to pay up front, there are no guarantees. Not a good fit for us... free discount card

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