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What medicine is recommended to treat burning sensation during urination?

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kaismama 14 Apr 2014

There is an otc called azo that helps, but you do need to find out the cause. The most common cause is an infection that needs to be treated with the appropriate antibiotics, see your dr.

DzooBaby 14 Apr 2014

The generic name is Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride. It is the active ingredient in a name brand drug called AZO-Standard. You can find cheaper store brand formulas and it is all the same thing really. I use the Walgreens store brand called "Urinary Pain Relief" but the active ingredient is the phenazopyridine hcl. This stuff turns your urine a bright orange and it STAINS badly so wear old underpanties that you dont care about and/or use a pantiliner. Trust me, no matter how much you wipe, it still stains and it sometimes can stain the toilet bowl, especially if there is hard water build up and it will stain the toilet seat if it comes in contact. free discount card

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