... normally take 2MG daily but if my anxiety gets worse I take 3MG (as my dr has prescribed). I moved out of state and lost my insurance... So no more doctor or medications! In order to keep my medication as long as possible I cut back to 1MG a day (before bed). The first week I felt fine but now then I started feeling worse (higher anxiety, dizzy spell, loss of appetite, lack of motivation and tiredness, headache... ) Even though the first week was good can this be the start of withdrawals or is it just rebound anxiety? And if so how long should it last? Also as I mentioned I have no insurance or doctor (until August)... What should I do? Will a doctor prescribe Klonopin to a first time patient? Last question :) I have always been on the actual brand name (blue pill with K cut out)... If I started taking generic clonazepam would it work as well?

Thanks for the help... Means a lot to me