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Need medicine for insomnia and depression without weight gain?

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WildcatVet 25 Jun 2016

There are few, if any, antidepressants that do not have the potential to cause weight gain because of their effect on the human metabolism although some are more weight neutral than others. On average, only about 10 - 12% of antidepressant users report weight gain and that gain is clinically insignificant. Interestingly, almost an equal number of users report decreased appetite and weight loss and an average of 7 - 8% of users receiving a placebo in controlled clinical studies also reported weight gain.

0intrepid1 26 Jun 2016

First I am not a Doctor + "this is not medical advice," yada, yada, yada. For me a mix of Sertraline
[generic Zoloft], Wellbutrin XL [take in mornings] + Melatonin [for insomnia] work. free discount card

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