I have hives which are triggered by heat. Anything such as anger, public speaking, center of attention, the sun, working out. I have been on multiple medications but none are working. I have a wedding coming up which I of course don't want a severe break out during. So my doctor suggested prednisone.

I have a few questions I was curious about.

I was on prednisone before for an unrelated issue 30mg a day. I felt sick to my stomach and had the runs on top of a constant headache. The breaking out was also only 80% better.

I also was before on methylprednisolone before 12 mg daily with 0 side effects and the breaking out was 90% better.

So my question is will the methylprednisolone perhaps on a higher dosage be more effective for the hives? And will going on a higher dosage of that basically make me feel sick like the prednisone? I'm trying to figure out what's best before I ask my doctor for the prescription.